Unclaimed money is money that is attributed to a person or company but has been left unclaimed within financial or government institutions. Unclaimed money is lost money !!!

This person or company whose name is attributed to the unclaimed money is rightfully entitled to receive the money but in many circumstances they are unaware that the money has been transferred to Consolidated Revenue Fund.

There are a whole range of reasons as to why unclaimed money exists. In many cases it is because the company, solicitor, financial institution or government institution has lost contact with the owner or is unable to find the owner, for instance where the owner of the monies owing may have moved address.

Unclaimed money can be claimed from:

  • Government institutions such as the Australian Tax Office, State Government and the Fair Work Ombudsman (e.g. unpaid wages)
  • Bank Accounts and Bank Dividends
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Share and Investments
  • Other sources e.g. private companies and so on

Locating all of this money can be difficult for private individuals because there are so many different locations that the money could be held in. At The Registry of Unclaimed Money, we collate all of the unclaimed money data from all available sources into a single database making it easy for people to search for and discover whether any money is owing to them.