The Registry of Unclaimed Money came into existence after its founders became frustrated at the difficulty of tracking down lost money within Australia and New Zealand. Government and financial institution structures are such that they work independently, resulting in a very time consuming and confusing process for anyone looking for unclaimed money.

The idea was to collate and centralise all of the data in one location, making it easier for anyone to track down their unclaimed money.

The Directors are fully licenced Commercial Agents and the Managing Director is a licenced Private Investigator with extensive skip tracing skills to locate missing persons who have lost money to claim. With a background in investigative and legal work, the founders of The Registry of Unclaimed Money are familiar with the process of successfully retrieving unclaimed money, and will work on behalf of any private individual or organisation looking to locate and claim any lost money that may be owed to them.

The Registry of Unclaimed Money is an Australian owned and operated business.