Why is there money owing to me?

Unclaimed money can be lost for many reasons including the death of a person, people change addresses without notifying companies where they hold shares, investments just forgotten about.

Companies make efforts to find individuals and businesses when funds and dividends are due to be paid out. Sometimes many assets are lost and individuals and businesses lose touch with their provider.

Unclaimed money related to un-presented cheques, bank accounts that have not been used and left untouched, untouched superannuation, company takeovers, rental bonds and local council bonds.  The list is endless and ever growing. Due to privacy restrictions until we can confirm that you are the rightful owner of the funds we cannot disclose the full details of the funds.

How much does it cost for you to help me receive my unclaimed money?

The Registry of Unclaimed Money charges a commission that is only payable if the unclaimed money is confirmed as lost and successfully claimed on your behalf.  That means there are no ‘up front’ fees.  Upon the completion of the asset recovery process we retain our fee and forward you the balance by a trust cheque or a deposit into your nominated bank account.

There are no fees to process your unclaimed money claim.

How long does it take to receive the money?

The results will be ready within 6-8 weeks from the date the request has been submitted.

How do I know The Registry of Unclaimed Money is a legitimate, trustworthy business?

The Registry of Unclaimed Money is registered with ASIC and has been actively helping people recover money.

The Registry of Unclaimed Money is a fully accountable professional service. All funds distributed by The Registry of Unclaimed Money for successful claims are followed up and monitored by government bodies.

We are licenced Private Investigators, Commercial Agents and Skip Tracers driven to reunite unclaimed money with their rightful owners. We utilise a number of publicly available and paid resources to track owners down ~ it is all completed legitimately and ethically. We are in fact going out of our way to ensure that people get THEIR money back ~ often against all odds!

How often is the data updated?

The process of updating the database is continual, updated monthly. We endeavour to keep the data as fresh as possible.

Requirements for proof of address

We deal with various organisations and each one has different documentary requirements. Most organisations require 100 points of identity and all documents need to be certified copies. You will also need to provide evidence to the unclaimed money.  Documents required as a connection to the last known address include:

•    Correspondence with the organisation that lodged the unclaimed money
•    Council rate notice
•    Gas or electricity bill

Requirements as proof of a relevant link to the organisation that lodged the unclaimed money:

•    Premium Certificates issued from the organisation
•    Correspondence from the organisation
•    Any Statements or Share certificates

A Signed Authority to Release Form is included in our information pack. 

If I am providing personal information how is my privacy protected?

All personal information is kept in the strictest confidence. We only provide your details to third parties when required by the custodian/s of the unclaimed money to prove your entitlement to the claim.